The Breakthrough Award award seeks to celebrate ideas that have immense potential for impact in specific areas.

Key takeaways:

  • Individual award

  • Social impact in specific  fields of Education, Healthcare, Livelihoods, Climate Action, Sustainability

  • Target: 1 award in each impact area; total: 5 awards maximum

  • Max 3 nominations per organization

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • Information Tech, Engineering and Hitech only

  • Individual or small team (not more than 5 core members)

  • Area impacted - Education, Health, Livelihoods, Climate Action, Sustainability

  • Idea could be at various stages of implementation

  • Idea to have an impact on populations/ business in India

Nomination form: Breakthrough Idea (Social Impact)


  • This form should be filled by the individual / team being nominated by the organization for the award

  • In this form, the term Intrapreneurship is used to refer to internal ideation and innovation by employees of an organization

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Please upload a PDF covering additional details as per the format below:

Overall: Maximum 6 slides as per the outline below, of max 1 MB. No embedded files/ videos etc allowed (provide links instead). File name to be in the following format: <org name>_<category name>.

Slide 1Title slide (Name of the Award, Organization name, Name/s of the primary nominee contact details of any one nominee)

Slide 2Executive Summary (high level rationale for applying for the award, key points to support nomination)

Slide 3-5: Details to support nomination, including:

  • Briefly describe the context for your idea/ venture, specific problems addressed, describe and quantify your target audience/ customer base

  • Describe the impact that your idea/ venture has achieved/ hopes to achieve. Quantify the impact in monetary terms where appropriate

  • How is your idea different from existing solutions already available?

  • Include relevant metrics where applicable (budget allocated, ROI, revenue/profit targets, impact assessments, efficiencies achieved etc)

  • Include testimonials, feedback, voice of customer/ employee etc

  • What is your vision for the next 10 years? Future plans to sustain and grow the idea or venture

Slide 6: Closing comments

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