The Intrapreneurial Practice Award seeks to recognize organizations that have a formal framework, set of practices and a governance model to encourage intrapreneurship among their employees.

Key takeaways:

  • Organization Award

  • 2- 4 awards, size-specific (i.e separate awards for mid and large scale companies)

  • 1 nomination per organization

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • Mid and large scale organizations

  • Information Tech, Hitech, Engineering only

  • A clearly-defined program with a set of rules, participation criteria, end result, time frame

  • Program to have been in place for atleast 2 cycles

  • Locally defined oversight and a governance model

  • Clear evidence of throughput i.e employees having participated with clear outcomes being met

Nomination form: Intrapreneurial Practice


  • This form should be filled by the individual in the organization holding the responsibility for the Intrapreneurship Program

  • In this form, the term Intrapreneurship is used to refer to internal ideation and innovation by employees of an organization

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Please upload a PDF covering additional details as per the format below:

Overall: maximum 6 slides as per the outline below, of max 1 MB. No embedded files/ videos etc allowed (provide links instead). File name to be in the following format: <org name>_<category name>.

Slide 1Title slide (Name of the Award, Organization name, Name/s of the primary nominee contact details of any one nominee)

Slide 2Executive Summary (high level rationale for applying for the award, key points to support nomination)

Slide 3-5: Details to support nomination, including:

  • Details of the program components, objectives, participation criteria

  • Specific outcomes targeted and to what extent have they been achieved; include output examples, any summary report analyzing the program

  • Describe your communication stratgey and process covering media used, messaging highlights, communication material samples etc

  • Include relevant metrics where applicable (Budget allocated, ROI, revenue/profit targets, Impact assessments etc) - Include testimonials, feedback, voice of customer/ employee etc - Future plans to sustain and build the intrapreneurial culture

Slide 6: Closing comments

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