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Welcome to one of India's first knowledge spaces for all things intrapreneurship! If you're an innovation leader, a practitioner, or even a curious passer-by, this space is yours to explore, build and engage in!


Intrapreneurship, as a growth driver for value innovation is the single most sought-after skill today, by all organizations. Businesses are under tremendous pressure to delight customers with new and innovative products and services in order to stay relevant. How do they accomplish that? They identify and nurture creative thinkers, risk takers and those that can reimagine future of customer needs. Intrapreneurialism is a relatively new concept and there is currently a massive skills shortage in this emerging field. Unfold is on a mission to bring Intrapreneurship to the forefront of India Inc. through a community of like minded people united towards the cause of Intrpreneurship.


This is an exclusive platform for intrapreneurial leaders mandated by organizations to shape the future of intrapreneurship by sharing best practices and latest intrapreneurial trends with peers and practitioners. You can help us scale intrapreneurship as a growth driver by mentoring budding intrapreneurs. An excellent opportunity to participate as a speaker/jury in conclaves and vanguard award events


As practitioners, you can look forward to peer learning opportunities and networking with industry leaders. You can share and learn best practices with community members, post articles about your experiences and insights, answer polls and surveys designed to make your experience better. You can participate in our annual conclaves. You can also nominate yourself or someone you know for India’s only Cross Industry Intrapreneurial awards in multiple categories


This platform is just for you, if you are ambitious and passionate about driving value within the organizations by inculcating
an innovative mindset. Here, you get to learn what, why and how of Intrapreneurship. You can get mentored by experts and access a wealth of resources to learn from with Expert feeds, Master classes, Webinars and Conclaves. Join the community and turbo charge your career as an Intrapreneur.

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As a member of the Intrapreneurship Knowledge Hub Community, there are multiple ways in which you can engage with us. You can instantly share your thoughts about intrapreneurship with peers and leaders! Post articles about your experiences and insights, answer polls and surveys designed to make your experience better, ask and answer questions, register for our annual intrapreneurship conclaves and workshops and nominate yourself or someone you know for India's only Intrapreneurial Awards and more. You can also partake in our mission as a Mentor /Jury member for Vanguard Intrapreneurial awards and get chosen as a speaker at the conclaves




Is money and job security good enough to build talent and workforce stickiness in organizations? Far from it! We are in an era of Millennials and Gen Z who are looking for a deeper connection with organizations and the impact they are making towards society. To add to it, the pandemic moved on but not before leaving behind hard lessons for brands to reorient their goals to factor in a strong sense of responsibility towards the planet.


A workforce with an innate hunger to belong to organizations that are purpose driven combined with brands narratives being now rewritten as stakeholders' interest - as opposed to shareholder interests - makes social intrapreneurship both an organizational challenge and an individual’s top agenda for professional development.


Organizations have to create enabling environments for intrapreneurs to thrive while employees have to build capabilities needed to develop innovative mindsets and effectively influence organizations towards turning ideas into value creations. But this is easier said than done.It calls for proven expertise in transforming cultures and mindsets, and Unfold is doing just this over the past 5 years.


We have helped several organizations embrace intrapreneurial cultures while also empowered employees with skills that enable them to be effective in pitching ideas and get buy in and funding support. Unfold has been pioneering Intrapreneurship as a growth driver for organizations in India through the flagship Intrapreneurship conclaves, five years in a row. We stay abreast of winning trends through constant surveys and research and our master classes are uniquely designed to factor current vulnerabilities in our ecosystem.


Watch the space for our next impactful event and registration details.



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Sumant Sood
Head-Innovation, Titan Company Limited
and Community Champion
Intrapreneurship Knowledge Hub


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A community for you, by you. and a bunch of experts!

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Unfold is a boutique HR consultancy that helps solve business challenges in various verticals, including intrapreneurship. We believe this creates an environment where all employees are encouraged to think like a business owner, with creativity, passion, commitment, and innovation! With the Intrapreneurship Hub, we bring a unique platform, creating an ecosystem of partners and beneficiaries, while supporting 'Make in India'.


Lakshmanan Chittur Chandrasekharan

Lakshmanan Chittur Chandrasekharan

Chief Scientist

(Research, Technology and Innovation)

Apoorva Bapna

Apoorva Bapna

Chief Culture Officer,

WPP India

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Founder and Managing Director,

Kalpana Dube

Kalpana Dube

Senior Business & Technology Consultant, Mentor, Business Advisor

Dr. Madanmohan Rao

Dr. Madanmohan Rao

Research Director,

YourStory Media

​Puja Kohli

Puja Kohli

CEO and Founder, Unfold

Anand Shri Ganesh pic.jpg

Anand Sri Ganes


IIM Bangalore

Kritika Murugesan

Kritika Murugesan


10000 Startups, Nasscom

Aparna George

Aparna George

Principal Consultant, Unfold


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65.2 % of the respondents said they are interested in having a platform to connect with Intrapreneurial employees

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52% of the respondents confirmed that key benefit experienced from Intrapreneurship programs was building growth and solution mindsets

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93.1% of the respondents confirmed that failure was treated as a learning opportunity within  their organisations

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The survey is ongoing ! If you  believe that organizations need to allocate higher amounts to foster  Intrapreneurship and unlock growth potential in organizations, do participate in this short survey and help us understand current practices and trends around employee-led innovation . Your views are extremely valuable for us in the context of our mission to foster intrapreneurship across industry.  Results will be updated once a fortnight 

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