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Leading a new conversation on intrapreneurship in India during uncertain times

MARCH 11-12, 2021


The world is rebuilding itself towards a new normal – new ways of doing business, of working, and of thinking. Businesses and individuals are looking to recover in 2021. Disruptive and conscious innovation is emerging as the key to unlock growth in this climate. That’s where today’s intrapreneurs come in. An intrapreneurial culture is not just a solution for today, but for the long-term.

And Unfold is uniquely positioned to create a platform for the dialogue on how to take intrapreneurship forward. We're a boutique HR consultancy that can help you reimagine and build a sustainable future. The Intrapreneurship Conclave is a first-of-its-kind conference, conceptualized and conducted by Unfold. Two successful editions have already been held and the third will be held from March 11-12, 2021. Registrations will soon open.

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KEYNOTE: Building a resurgent, empathetic & innovative India

How is India Inc reimagining disruption and transitioning for growth? What kind of opportunities have emerged from the crisis? Are there trade offs or lessons from the past year that need addressing? What are some insights and trends shaping how the world lives and works? How do we re-establish trust and build empathy to encourage and inspire creative thinkers and ideators?

RESEARCH INSIGHTS: Powering ahead with confidence

What the new normal feels and looks like. Are the shifts incremental or tectonic? What are the new sets of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to redefine our approach?

LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLE: Harnessing intrapreneurship for a new world

Renewing the business case for Intrapreneurship in the context of the pandemic.

  • Leadership lessons from organizations that have managed the disruption.
  • How can intrapreneurs play a definitive role in the new world?

SHOWCASE PRACTICES: Resilience & (R)evolution in the face of changing paradigms

Case presentations from organizations as parallel sessions:

  • Culture is strategy
  • Eureka (ideation models)
  • Solving for tomorrow (unique challenges/problems)
  • Different strokes (social, inclusive)
  • Playbook for intrapreneurs in the post Covid-19 world


  1. Human-centered approach to innovation
  2. (To be confirmed)

FIRESIDE CHAT: Sustaining growth with an ecosystem of enablers

How is collective wisdom solving for global and hyperlocal needs? What trends are shaping experimentation for solutions? Key role of innovators & ideators?


KEYNOTE: Two sides of the same coin: humans and technology

In a world more profoundly and digitally connected, how do we leverage technology and balance humanity? Role of organizations in supporting society? What intrapreneurial skills, attitudes are needed to be successful to balance the two dimensions?

EXPERT-LED SESSION: Pivot, Pilot, Persist

How can open innovation be the bridge between organizations and startups for ideation and experimentation? What can intrapreneurs learn from entrepreneurs?

LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLE (founder-led): Rising back up and winning with a mindset of innovation

How is healthcare, hospitality, travel, education, real estate bringing solutions with new thinking and ideas in collaboration with employees and customers?


Invite shortlisted intrapreneurs to present their ideas and crowdsource recommendations.


(Topics to be confirmed)

CLOSING REMARKS: Summarizing learnings and way forward


Why be part of the conclave?

Global Dialogue

Listen to and speak with industry leaders and startup founders, who are innovators and visionaries from different countries

Intrapreneurship Showcase & Labs

Interact with successful practitioners from companies across industries


Learn the skills needed to think like an entrepreneur within your firm and give your career an edge

2-Day Format

Our program will take place for a few hours on each day, enabling easier online viewing

New Ideas

Come away with fresh perspectives, insights, tools, and more


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interviews with leaders and practitioners

How are leaders and intrapreneurs in various organizations dealing with the impact of the pandemic, in terms of continuing to innovate, new priorities, new mindsets, new things to look out for? In a series of short interviews with Unfold, they talk about what their companies are doing, their advice for firms and individuals and more!


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