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2nd Edition (2019): Summary of the day


The Intrapreneurship Conclave 2019 showed how innovation and risk-taking can be promoted in large firms by connecting to startups as well as internal creative teams. India needs as many intrapreneurs as entrepreneurs, according to the speakers.

Intrapreneurs should not be dismissed as troublemakers or misfits, they should be seen as dreamers and mavericks who can transform a company’s fortunes, according to the speakers. Here are key takeaways from the second edition of the Conclave.

(This write up has been modified from the original coverage received by YourStory. Read the original article here.)


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Participant feedback

"The challenges involved in the Intrapreneur's journey is quite exciting and challenging. It helps to explore the unknown territory and lay a new path for others to follow which will be quite satisfying."


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Companies that participated

Snapshots from the second Intrapreneurship Conclave in India