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Global Trends in Intrapreneurialism - Future proofing Careers with Intrapreneurial Skills.

Who is the Intrapreneurial course for ?

  • Employees who are ambitious and passionate about driving positive change through constant innovation.

  • Pro-active opportunity finder and risk taker who is prepared to challenge the status quo and rigid thinking.

  • Actively seeking ways to create value for the organization and its ecosystem by thinking outside the square.


What is the certification program about ?

The 6-month experiential and participative learning journey in this course is built on adult learning principles and is uniquely designed to rewire the brain to think Intrapreneurial and build required skills such as future readiness, personal leadership and cognitive flexibility. The course has been designed to build strong foundations through 12 core skills that define an Intrapreneur. The actionable learnings would enable employees deliver high-value for the organizations.


Learning outcomes:

  • Understand concepts and intricacies behind Intrapreneurship.

  • Lead Intrapreneurial initiatives with confidence.

  • Acquire the most in-demand skill set for the new world of work.

  • Learn to navigate the culture in order to think, work and act like an entrepreneur.

  • Craft a profile that makes you one of the most preferred employees and turbo charges your career.

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